This software is now discontinued thank you for all your views, downloads and backing in the past
software will be left online but without any support.

Bunny Hop Development

  • Supporting AutoPlay Media Studios Software Development Platform.

  • Supporting AutoPlay Media Studios 8 PE.

  • Supporting AutoPlay Media Studios Retail 7.5, 8.0, 8.1 & 8.2.

  • CDD obscuring.

  • Making your HDD builds looking cleaner.

  • Easy to use for all users.

How to use

Open BunnyHop, Click Open then select your HDD Built Projects EXE and that's it the software will back up your exe and cdd and change the cdd to DLL or other selected modes then it will patch the exe to read the new files

 Beta Release HERE


Big thanks to the Indigorose for Autoplay Media Studios, I would like to thanks Shadiku for keeping me interested in this project and last but not least I would like to thank the users of BunnyHop there is a good handful of users and this makes it worth my time.

You are advised that you are using this software at your own risk as Indigorose are not involved with this project, they most likely wouldn't support this action on there product, downloading this software and using it you agree that 'I Rexzooly Kai Black' is not at fault for any data lost, damage to hardware or loss of service from Indigorose, you agree to accept all consequences from using this software

Installing Update DLL's

To install a Update DLL simply place the update_***.dll in your main hard drive, known as your source drive or Windows drive, 90% of the time this will be C Drive (C:\) on vista up it might ask you if you want to copy it to the root if your drive when you copy it there, just say yes.