Blow are a list of companies and people that made this program possible.

I would like to start off thanking Indigorose(site) for creating AutoPlay Media Studios with out it this program would be useless. I would also like to thanks Reteset he spent time trying to explain many of the functions and codes I used within this program.

I would like to thank Shadow also known as Shadiku as my code and is was simpler mine didn't work his did, after reading his I was able to see where I went wrong, also this chap is a smart lad and has had many great ideas and has made so many great 'programs' has he quotes them as and some really useful plugins and I have to say I do enjoy talking to him about AutoPlay Media Studio topics but also other topics.

I would like to also thank anyone that might use this software, you have just made it more worth while me making this, I did it because I was waiting for a baby to arrive and some how I made a project I am proud of.

Any questions, ideas or bug reports please submit them to the email address on the home page.

Rexzooly Kai Black.