Change Log Release Beta - rb
Change: New Client/UI build 
Update: (Recreated) updated to a new source base source is now, should now support 8.5.3
this version is a spiritual successor of as the source was lost. Beta - br
Change: In this version we have cut out some theme changing options what really was not needed
Update: also comes with a new client cleaned up come unneeded code, will be the
last version to support trial copies.
Support: The option to support 8.3 as been coded in to but the entry points have not as we are unable
get this version of AMS or a project already build in HDD mode for this version of AMS yet. Experimental Beta - ebr
Rebuild: New UI again - Help from Shadiku
Recode: once again major UI change means a recode was needed
Support: Support for AutoPlay Media Studios 8.2
Size: Using the new AMS Bins we now have a smaller footprint Beta - br
Fixed: Convert mode now works. Beta - br
Rebuild: Newly designed UI.
Added: Option to change custom zip after patch.
Recode: A lot of recoding had to happen for the new UI. Beta - br
Compiled: Newly compiled with our own dev key.

From this version on BunnyHop will be only posted on or as this software was NOT created to hack it was created to Obscurer/ Make Pretty of your HDD build root. Beta - br
Added: PE HDD Build Support.
Added: Messags and option to skip messages.
Fixed: Fixed errors in entry points for Retail, created after added Trial HDD Build Support.
Rebuild: Source and Client.
Complied: New Source. Beta - b
Rebuild: Source and Update DLL checks.
Complied: New Source. Beta - b
Added: Trial HDD Build Support. Beta - br
Compiled: Complied the new fixed from beta b in to client source.
Added: Link to update button for people to check the site for updated versions. Beta - b
Fixed: Fixed wording on the AutoPlay label in the bottom left of the mode window.
Fixed: Clearing of the infomation when Select Mode is reselected. Beta - br
Changed: Changed the software from Alpha release to Beta. Alpha - a
Added: Custom Format Support select CUSTOM from the Support format drop down.
Changed: Changed many functions and call backs within the software, makes it easyer for later upates to the software.
Fixed: Infomation loading bug. Alpha - a
Added: Supported Formats now with added information Alpha - a
Changed: Cleaned up released.
Changed: Select Mode from check box's to a drop down. Alpha - a
Fixed: Fixed hardcoded bug in Mode option
Changed: Removed key and colors from the Mode Section. Alpha - ar
Fixed: Fixed change log scroller.
Added: New Function, Mode Selected + Mode Window.
Added: Label + Window title updates with Mode Selected.
Placeholder: Update placeholder added. Alpha - ar
Fixed: Fixed a fault with the resource folder when not renamed from ('AutoPlay').
Clean: Cleaned up source code a little. Alpha - ar
Fixed: Fixed CDD not been removed after patch as completed.
Released: Software/Patch Released. Alpha - a
Added: New UI.
Fixed: Project already patched error.
Fixed: No Longer Concept. Alpha - a
First build with many bugs, concept worked but bad coding didn't.